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This logo consists of red, black, yellow, and white silhouetted images of stained glass feathers hanging from a sky dome.
Shekoli, Tekayanalow^náse ni: yúkyats. Thahyuni niwaki’taló: Big Tracks is my name. Wolf is my clan.
Hello, my name is Cody Cottrell. I am a multidisciplinary Oneida artist living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I previously served on the Oneida Nation Arts Board as Chair and I also serve on the Selection Committee for the Oneida National Treasure Award, and a founding member of the Cornhusk Collective. Hummingbird Art & Design represents the diverse artwork and mediums that I create in. Much of my work is inspired by nature and traditional indigenous methods and practices that I utilize in a contemporary setting. This site is a glance into some of the work I have completed in my art career. I am open to taking orders and commissions, let me know what I can do for you! Yawʌʔkó (Thank you)
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